Sept 26, 2010: Stancil family holds 109th Reunion in Kenly

Descendants of John Thomas Stancil (1841-1822) and Delanie Catherine Sasser Stancil (1842-1915) gathered for their 109th annual reunion on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010, at the Glendale-Kenly Elementary School on Bay Valley Road in Kenly.

The reunion had 175 family members attend from throughout the East Coast, including Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Martha Bright Stancil, wife of Tommy Stancil III of the George Ira Branch, gave the blessing. A covered dish meal followed.

The last two living grandchildren of John Thomas and Delaney Sasser Stancil, reside in the Glendale Community of Johnston County: Donell Franklin Stancil, son of Alvin and Esther Peedin Stancil and Garland Stancil, son of Harvey and Bertha Smith Stancil. Donell attended the reunion.

The oldest great-grandchild present was 96-year-old Gurnie Stancil Crabtree, granddaughter of Henry and daughter of Oscar. The youngest member present was 4-month-old Scarlet Olivia Huggins, daughter of Sandy and Dale, granddaughter of Ronnie and Alice Stancil Huggins of the George Branch. Scarlet's great grandfather was Thomas Emmette Stancil Jr., a great-grandson of John Thomas and Delanie.

The Tobacco Farm Life Museum exhibited the 152-year-old Stancil Family tapestry woven by Delaney Sasser Stancil. It was donated to the museum by Laura Woodard Edwards of the Josiah Branch in 1998.

Highlights of the reunion included recognition of members from each branch in attendance, the reunion photo collages of members attending reunions from 1993 through 2009, viewing historical books for each branch and reading the family newsletter, the Stancil Record. Ty Hinton is the editor.

Family cemeteries include the Stancil and Hill Cemeteries located on Glendale Road, Hales Cemetery on Shoeheel Road, and Howell Cemetery in Wilson County. Donell Stancil, Wayne Stancil and other members of the Alvin Branch care for the Stancil Cemetery. Eloise Hill Sidelinger and members of the Tempy Ann Branch take care of the Hill Cemetery. Jerry Stancil and members of the Samuel Branch take care of the Hales and Howell cemeteries.

JoAnn Campbell Brinson of the Josiah Branch, Treva Stancil Devers of the Henry Branch, and Darcee Hinton Sams of the George Branch were in charge of registration. Marty Sellers of the John Archer Branch and Renn Stancil Hinton of the George Branch were in charge of sales. Photographers were Georgeanne Stancil Schore, Coree Hinton, Paul Videla and Ty Hinton of the George Branch and Anne Stancil Langston of the Josiah Branch.

Anne Pittman Viverette of the Harvey Branch and Faye Parrish Langston of the Henry Branch, assisted with publicity.

Donell and Lou Stancil of the Alvin Branch were in charge of reunion arrangements, purchasing supplies and making the lemonade.

Family genealogist, Hale Stancil of the George Branch, had family trees printed for each branch to facilitate corrections. Members are encouraged to send corrections, births, deaths and marriages to contact Hale by email at

The four-generation Stancil Family Tree was on exhibit. It was first displayed at the 1971 Reunion and was made by deceased family artist Gilda Renfrow Six, George Branch.

Tommy Stancil III stores the reunion collages. James and Anne Pittman Viverette care for the family tree and other family photos.

The first reunion was held in late 1902 at the John Thomas Stancil Homestead near Glendale with 46 in attendance. Their eleven children in attendance were Henry, Samuel, Tempy Ann, Josiah, John Archer, Alvin, Arnettie, Harvey, George Ira, Thomas and Catherine. Two children died in infancy, Spirus in 1870 and Sinda in 1888. Jerry Stancil, of the Samuel Branch, located the grave of Spirus in the Hales Cemetery, next to Sinda. A marker will be made for his grave.

Alonza Stancil, son of Reddick Stancil, a first cousin of John Thomas Stancil, attended the reunion with wife Ada and Lena Maie.

A photo of the first reunion was taken and preserved. Those in the photo were identified by the late George Ralph Stancil of the George Branch and the identified photo was printed by the late Harry Lester Stancil Jr. of the Josiah Branch. Copies of this photo, The First Family Photo and Stancil Family Cookbook Volume I and II, and Stancil Reunion photo book were available for purchase.

Family members are encouraged to go to the Stancil family website at and send news and photos to 2012
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