Floyd 'Jack' Jackson Hill

Floyd 'Jack' Jackson Hill
Floyd was born on Oct. 15, 1905, and died on July 7, 1988.

Jack's children

James Albert Hill
March 6, 1931-
Feb. 28, 2012 Wilson, NC
Edward 'Ed' Warren Hill
Jan. 29, 1935-
Nov. 6, 1991 Wilson, NC

Floyd 'Jack' Jackson Hill was born on Oct. 15, 1905, in Johnston County, N.C.

He married Susan Virginia Warren in 1929.

Jack stayed around with different family members after Tempy Ann died. Jack went to school at the Boyette slave house.

Jack met Susan Virginia Warren in Wilson. She worked at Woolworth's. They began dating. The relationship was not firm for a time and Jack believe Virginia would never marry him. Zilphia was expecting a baby. Jack begged her to name the baby Virginia if it was a girl so he would never forget his real love, Virginia. Reluctantly Zilphia agreed. When a baby girl was born March 9, 1920, she named her Virginia Eloise. It wasn't long after this that Jack married Virginia.

Jack and Virginia moved in with Millard and Zilphia until her parents could find a house for them to live. Jack worked as a police officer in Kenly for several years. Jim started school in Kenly. Jack also ran Cash Corner store. Then Jack drove a Texaco delivery business in Kenly. Fletcher died in 1932 and this hit Jack hard. Jack almost got involved with a woman in Kenly. Mr. Warren found out about it, and got him a job in Wilson. He was a Wilson Police Officer for 5 years. Jack and Virginia attended the First Christian Church with their children, this church was very close.

Jack and Virginia would often eat with Millard and Zilphia. Sometimes they brought Virginia's widow mother and Virginia's siblings. Virginia always helped out in the kitchen. She and Zilphia had a close relationship.

Jack and Virginia had two sons -- James Albert born March 6, 1931, and Edward Warren born Jan. 29, 1935.

Nancy, Arnettie's daughter, got Jack a job working for the Capital Police guarding the capitol. Even though Virginia’s sister lived nearby, Virginia missed North Carolina. They returned. Jack worked as a car salesman. Then he bought a grocery store, Hill's. Virginia had worked at Progress Grocery where she learned to cut meat and taught Jack.

Jack was musical and had a pump organ in house. In later years he had it fixed so it didn't have to be pumped with his feet.

One of his favorite songs was, "If I could hear My Mother Pray Again."

When Jack retired, he enjoyed going to Pat Narron's Store and playing checkers. Jack's mind went bad, his memories fading away. He died on July 7, 1988, at the age of 82. His funeral was at the Tom Everton Funeral home in Wilson. He was buried at the Maplewood Cemetery in Wilson County, N.C.

Virginia died on Oct. 29, 1989.

Renn Stancil Hinton

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