George Preston Hill
Preston Hill 1902
George Preston Hill was born Dec. 23, 1902, and died June 11, 1935. He married Tempie Pearl Edwards Sept. 12, 1920.
Preston's children

With Tempie Pearl Edwards

Neta Lee Hill Narron Godwin

Sept. 24, 1921 at NC-Dec. 13, 1977

George Leon Hill
Sept. 26, 1923-Sept. 23, 1985 NC
George Preston Hill Jr.
Oct. 15, 1926 NC-April 14, 1988 NC
Billy Preston Hill
March 31, 1927-April 22, 1987 Calif.
George Preston Hill
March 31, 1929-1929
"Unnamed" Hill
April 28, 1931-April 28, 1931

George Preston Hill was born Dec. 23, 1902.

Preston was the seventh child and fifth son of Tempy Ann Stancil and Fred Hill. He was born in 1902. Preston had dark hair and was of average size. He was about 5 feet, 10 inches. He attended grammar school at Moore School House.

His mother died when he was only 7. His older sister Delia looked after him and his siblings. His father took him and his brothers hunting for coons, possums, squirrels and rabbits.

Preston went to live with a tenant farmer Jess Edwards when his father married his Aunt Arnettie in 1911. Jess farmed for Preston's great uncle, James Henry Stancil, brother of his grandfather John Thomas Stancil. Preston was only 9 years old.

Preston inherited land and money when his father died in 1918. Preston fell in love with the daughter of Jess Edwards, Pearl and they married before 1922. They lived with Jess until Preston could build them a house on his inherited property. Jess sold fish on the weekends to people in the neighborhood. He purchased fish and drove his mule and buggy about the community delivering them to customers.

Preston farmed tobacco, corn, and cotton and had one tobacco barn. He also raised hogs and cattle. Preston used a mule for farming and never had a tractor. He wore apron overalls. Like so many others he purchased a Model T Ford.

Preston and Pearl had six children who died at birth and four children who reached adulthood. They were Neta Lee, George Leon, George Preston and Billy Preston. Preston attended Bethany Church along with his wife Pearl.

He was a Republican like his grandfather John Thomas. When he died in 1935 of TB like his father Fred, he was buried at Bethany Church in Johnston County, North Carolina.

Pearl married twice after Preston's death. First to Oscar Price and then to Oran Summers.

Pearl died in 1990 and was buried beside Preston and their children. Neta married twice. First, Norman M. Narron on Dec. 24, 1940.

They had two children Pat, born on June 3, 1942 and Dan born on June 6, 1944.

Pat married James Earl Narron. They had two sons Kenneth Earl Narron and Allen Scott Narron. Dan married Mary Ellen Ward in March of 1960. They had one daughter Tammy Lee.

Neta married William Vester Godwin on Aug. 24, 1952, in South Carolina. They had a daughter Sharon Aneta Godwin on Nov. 2, 1958. Sharon married Garry Keith Askew on June 6, 1975, in North Carolina. Sharon and Garry had two children Garry Dwayne born Nov. 21, 1977, and Crystal Lee Askew born Sept. 1, 1983.

George Leon married Violet Marie Thomas. They had three children, Gilda Gray born Dec. 13, 1945, Albert Leon born Aug. 19, 1947, Thomas Arthur born June 14, 1961.

George Preston joined the Coast Guard prior to WWII. When the war was over he stayed in Portsmouth, Va. He went to work in the Colonial Grocery Store as a produce clerk. Margaret Pope worked in the drug store next door. They met, fell in love and married in Portsmouth, Va. Marriage was expensive and George decided there was security for his wife if he joined the Army. Between the coast Guard and Army he was in the service 28 years. He was in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and Bay of Pigs. He won the Bronze Star for Valor in Vietnam.

George and Margaret had three children, Georgia Sandra, Vickie Sue and Joseph Preston 'Joe.' Sandra, born on Oct. 2, 1948, married Eric Paul Boyd on May 2, 1970. They have a daughter Paula Denise Boyd. She married Grant Matthew Paul on Aug. 25, 2001.

Vickie, born on Feb. 10, 1951, married Robert Glenn Joyner on June 21, 1969. They had a daughter Amy Christina, born in November 1972. Amy married Mike Porter O'Berry on May 11, 1991. Son James Preston Hill was born on Dec. 4, 1981.

Joe, born on Nov. 27, 1959, married Linda Eloise Sutton on Aug. 9, 1980.

Billy Preston Hill married Grace. They moved to Calif. Billy had two sons and a daughter. He died in 1987 of cancer and stroke.

Based on memories of George Ralph Stancil, born in 1908, son of George Ira Stancil. Renn Stancil Hinton 2010
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