Sept. 23, 2007: Stancil family reunites for 106th time

Descendants of John Thomas and Delanie Sasser Stancil held their 106th Stancil Reunion in Johnston County on Sept. 23, 2007, at the Glendale-Kenly Elementary School, with 212 attending.

Hale Stancil and Renn Stancil Hinton of the George Branch gave the welcome. Donell Stancil of the Alvin Branch gave the treasurerís report. The oldest great grandson of John Thomas Stancil, James Harding Stancil, 86, of the Josiah Branch, from Chattanooga, gave the blessing. A covered dish lunch followed.

The oldest grandson present was Garland Stancil, 89 years old of the Harvey Branch. The oldest granddaughter present was Virginia Stancil Fulghum, 85 years old, of the Alvin Branch. The oldest great granddaughter present was 93-year-old Gurnie Stancil Crabtree of the Henry Branch from Durham. The second oldest great grandson attending, was James Orville Stancil, 85, from Virginia Beach of the Henry Branch.

The youngest members present were: 40-day-old William Oliver "Ollie" Mann, son of Oliver & Allison, granddaughter of Jerry & Marcia Stancil. (Samuel Branch) and 44-day-old Rebecca Ann Stancil, daughter of Vann & Amy, granddaughter of Donell & Lou Stancil. (Alvin Branch).

Youngest child attending from each branch was: Brianne Faith Brown 15-weeks of the Arnettie Branch, Abby Nicole Farrell, 8, of the Harvey Branch, Anden Allen Werner, 3, of the Josiah Branch, William "Will" Graydon Braswell, 3, of the George Branch.

Children attending their first reunion were: Ashleigh, Cheyenne & Michael Carico II, Kristina Mosley, Hannah & Emily Wall of the Arnettie Branch and Will Newton of the Samuel Branch.

Members attending their first reunion were: Chuck & Judy Stancil of the Samuel Branch, Marvelene Hill Carico, Robert Carico Michael Carico, Angela Murph Mosley, John Wall, Jill Hill Wall, Becky Hill Williamson, Karen Hill Taylor, Joy Hill Foraker, Laura Brown of the Arnettie Branch, Jackie Batts of the George Branch, Rose Godwin of the Henry Branch, Marshall McCall of the Alvin Branch, and Gerri Stancil of the Josiah Branch.

Marty Sellers of the John Branch, Alice Stancil Huggins, Carol Molinari, Ethel Stancil, Renee Eason Warren and Lauren Weber of the George Branch were in charge of registration and sales.

Photographers included Coree Hinton, Georgeanne Stancil Schore, Marenda Huggins of the George Branch and Anne Stancil Langston of the Josiah Branch.

The four-generation Family Tree created by Gilda Gray Renfrow Six, Lucama, of the George Branch was displayed with photo collages of the last 15 reunions. Collection of family histories, photos and memorabilia gathered by Renn of the George Branch were also shared.

Glenn, Donell and Lou Stancil, Kenly, of the Alvin Branch made the special reunion lemonade, made arrangements and bought supplies. J. G. Renfrow, Lucama, of the George Branch, was in charge of setting up the collection of photos.

Send family updates on births, marriages, deaths and corrections to Hale R. Stancil at

Change of address and updates on engagements, graduations and photos of new babies should be mailed or emailed to Renn Stancil Hinton at

The Tobacco Farm Life Museum highlighted the 149-year-old Stancil Tapestry, woven by Delanie at 16. Glenn Stancil of the Alvin Branch maintains the Stancil Cemetery off Glendale Road. Contact Glenn at (919) 284-2911. Jerry Stancil and granddaughters Morgan & MacKenzie, of the Samuel Branch, maintain the Howell Cemetery in Wilson County, where Samuel Stancil and many descendants are buried. Contact Jerry at (252) 237-6621. © 2012
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