Josiah Stancil 1866-1939 John Archer 1871-1934 Alvin Roscoe 1876-1935 Harvey Arthur 1878-1956 Catherine 1882- Arnettie Tommy George Ira Sam Henry John Thomas Delaney Sasser Stancil Tempy Ann Jim Batey Harry Lester Stancil Walter Stancil Gertrude Williams Stancil Marceline Edwards Elbert Stancil Lonnie Stancil Francis Barnes Stancil Moses Hill Leumos Stancil Eva Ann Mercer Stancil Effie Irene Stancil Missouri Howell Stancil Bessie Stancil Millard Hill Preston Hill Pearl Hill Fred Hill Alice Stancil Millard Stancil Nettie Edwards Stancil Annie Stancil John Fletcher Hill Oscar Stancil Delia Stancil Arthur Stancil Clarence Hill Ronie Hill Lillian Stancil Minnie Sasser Stancil Alonzo Stancil Ada Raines Stancil Ruby Stancil

stancil family

The above photo shows the original Stancil Family portrait from the 1902 Stancil Family Reunion.
The photo includes guests and family friends. Labeling this photo is tricky, so you can hover your mouse over the person's face and the name will appear.

This printed photo, available for purchase at the Stancil Reunion or by contacting us, has labels and names printed on it. The photo was preserved by cousin Harry Stancil of the Josiah Branch.

Pictured, from left, include adopted boy Jim Batey, Missouri holding Annie, Lonnie, Pinettie holding Alice and Millard Stancil, Fred Hill holding Clarence, Moses Hill (kneeling), Pearl Hill, Tempy Ann holding Preston, Frances Barnes Stancil, Bessie Stancil (kneeling), Henry Stancil, John Thomas, Millard Hill, Delaney, Cousins Ada Raines Stancil, holding daughter Lena Maie Stancil, and Alonzo Stancil.

Back row includes, from left, Sam, Elbert, Marceline Edwards (friend), John Archer holding Arthur Stancil, Harvey Stancil, John Fletcher Hill, Gertrude Williams Stancil, Delia Hill, Ronie Hill, Tommy Stancil, Oscar, Alvin, Lillian, Catherine, Walter, Arnettie, George Ira (up high), Minnie, Eva holding Effie Irene, Leumos, Josiah and Harry Lester.


Our Stancil family originated in Johnston County, N.C., with the marriage of Delaney and John Thomas.

The goal of this Web site is to organize the family reunion and pass along information to family members. The site is organized by Renn Stancil Hinton and designed by Ty Hinton. Feel free to contact us at

We would gladly accept any suggestions and family information or stories. We appreciate the information that has been submitted so far.

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