Sept 23, 2011: Reunion has 187 attendees

Members of the John Thomas Stancil and Delaney Sasser Stancil gathered on Sept. 25, 2011, for their 110th Annual Reunion at the Glendale-Kenly Elementary School, Kenly, NC.

Representatives were present from 9 of their children: Henry, Samuel, Josiah, Tempy Ann, John Archer, Arnettie, Alvin, Harvey, and George. Two children, Spirus and Sinda died young, Catherine left for SC, became ill and lost contact with the family about 1903 and Thomas Ruffin died in a crow hunting accident in 1907.

The oldest member present was 92-year-old Mavis Cassandra Hill Godwin, daughter of Zilphia and Millard Hill of the Tempy Ann Branch and the youngest was 10-week-old Lily Elisabeth Huggins, daughter of Sandra and Dale, granddaughter of Ronnie and Alice Stancil Huggins of the George Branch.

Four generations of the Alice Stancil Price family attended. They were Alice, son Sammy, his wife Winnie, grandson Brent Price, granddaughter Amy Price Beasley, husband Stacy, great-granddaughters Emily and Savannah. Alice is the daughter of Ronia Hill Stancil and granddaughter of Tempy Ann Stancil.

Hale Stancil, George Branch, presented Donell Stancil of the Alvin Branch, a plaque for his dedication in keeping the heritage of the descendants of John Thomas Stancil and the Stancil Reunion continuing for a half century. Donell is the last living grandson of John Thomas and Delaney Sasser Stancil.

Following the welcome, Delbridge Narron, Henry Branch, gave the blessing and members enjoyed a covered dish lunch.

Donell and Lou Stancil, Alvin Branch, were in charge of location, supplies and the traditional lemonade. Donell, the treasurer, gave a report.

Assisting with registration, set-up, photographs, storing photos and collages, sales and raffle were Ash, Coree, Ty and Renn Stancil Hinton, Georgeanne Stancil Schore, Tommy and Marty Stancil, Renee Eason Warren, Katy Williams (George Branch); James Viverette (Harvey Branch); Treva Stancil Devers, (Henry Branch); Marty Sellers (John Archer Branch); Jo Ann Campbell Brinson, Anne Stancil Langston (Josiah Branch); and Jerry Stancil (Samuel Branch).

Highlights of the day included the latest Stancil Record, viewing the latest family trees attached to the walls, browsing through family historical books and the annual raffle,

Members were encouraged to visit The Hales Cemetery on Shoeheel Road where the Samuel grave/monument is located, contains family history and the grave of Martha Patsy Rentfrow Stancil Hales, mother of John Thomas Stancil; The Stancil Cemetery on Glendale Road where John Thomas and Delaney Stancil and other family members are buried.

Marshall McCall, Rodney Stancil and Wayne Stancil, Alvin Branch members, take care of it; The Howell Cemetery on Volis Shop Road, which intersects with Wiggins Mill Road near Lucama, which contains graves of Samuel Stancil, Missouria Howell Stancil and others. Jerry Stancil and Monica Mann, Samuel Branch members, take care of it.

The Hill Cemetery on Glendale Road contains graves of Tempy Ann Stancil Hill, Fred Hill and others. Eloise Hill Sidelinger, Tempy Ann Branch member, takes care of it.

Hale Stancil, George Branch, has been keeping the Stancil Family Tree since the mid 1970s. For additions, contact Hale by email at

Members of the John Stancil III, John Stancil IV and Alonza Stancil families were welcomed. 2012
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