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Family items

2008 Stancil Family cookbook
Newest edition of the family cookbook
1982 Stancil Family cookbook
The first family cookbook
Slide show
Pictures from reunions in a slide show format
By Ethel Hales Stancil Stancil
Not a Leg to Stand On
By Ethel Hales Stancil
Love -- For Keeps
By Ethel Hales Stancil

Stancil Cookbook, Vol. II (2008)

This cookbook is a collection of
family recipes that was put
together in 2008.

Stancil Cookbook, Vol I (1982)

This cookbook was the first family
cookbook, created by Ethel Hales
Stancil and Georgeanne Schore.

Reunion slide show CD

This CD includes photos
from the Stancil Reunion
presented in a slide show format.

SPECIAL: If you purchase both Stancil Cookbooks, Vol. I & II, at the reunion, the cost is $20 plus shipping.

by Ethel Hales Stancil

"Notaleg to Stand On!"
by Ethel Hales Stancil

"Love -- For Keeps"
by Ethel Hales Stancil

Stancil Reunion hat
Tan, adjustable


    Aug. 26, 2012
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