ALERT: The 123rd Stancil Family Reunion will be held Sunday, Sept. 22, 2024, at the Moose Lodge in Wilson, North Carolina. • • 2023 Newsletter: See the latest edition of the newsletter that was released in September 2023. • • Hales Cemetery: Samuel Stancil monument is at the Hales Cemetery off Shoeheel Road. Contact us if you would like to see it.

John Thomas Stancil family, est. July 15, 1860


The Stancil Family has its annual reunion on the fourth Sunday of each September. The reunion has been held since 1902. This site has details on the reunion and the history of the family the originated in Johnston County, N.C.

Josiah Stancil 1866-1939 John Archer 1871-1934 Alvin Rosco 1876-1935 Harvey Arthur 1878-1956 Catherine 1882- Arnettie 1874-1916 Tommy 1884-1907 George Ira 1880-1935 Sam 1863-1930 Henry 1861-1933 John Thomas 1841-1922 Delaney 1842-1915 Tempy Ann 1868-1909 stancil family

1902 Stancil Family photo ~ Hover mouse over face for more information.

Front row: Samuel Stancil, Henry Stancil, John Thomas Stancil, Delaney Sasser Stancil, Tempy Ann Stancil
Middle row: Josiah Stancil, John Archer Stancil, Catherine Stancil, Arnettie Stancil, George Ira Stancil
Back row: Alvin Rosco Stancil, Harvey Arthur Stancil, Thomas Ruffin Stancil


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The 123rd Stancil Family reunion will be held Sunday, Sept. 22, 2024, at the Wilson Moose Club, 2705 Forest Hills Road in Wilson, North Carolina.


This website is dedicated to providing information on the Stancil family, mainly the annual reunion held in North Carolina.


If you're not sure how you are related, contact us. We will reply as soon as possible with any questions.

A bit of history

John Thomas Stancil married Delaney Catherine Sasser on July 15, 1860. They had 13 children, and their descendents make up the family. Two children died young.

John Thomas was the son of Samuel Stancil and Martha Patsy Rentfrow. Delaney Sasser was the daughter of Henry Sasser and Martha Patsy Bagley. See the original marriage bond.

We still plan on adding more information for the many family members with pages, and we also plan on adding pages for those family members we are missing. If you have anything you think would be useful for this site, please share it with us.

We still encourage you to look at the information presented and pass along any comments or suggestions you may have.


Renn Stancil Hinton, daughter of George Ralph Stancil, granddaughter of George Ira Stancil Sr. 2024
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