Effie Irene Stancil
Effie Irene Stancil 1902
Effie Irene Stancil was born Jan. 20, 1902, and died Aug. 9, 1988.
Effie's children

With James Robert Renfrow Sr.

Grace Golda Renfrow Dettenmayer

Sept. 16, 1924-Dec. 5, 2003

Eva Gray Renfrow
Sept. 15, 1927 NC-
June 2, 1929 Johnston County, NC
Ralph Viron Renfrow
June 23, 1930 NC-
June 30, 2001 NC
James Robert Renfrow Jr.
April 17, 1943 NC-
Effie Stancil Renfrow, center, visits with daughter Grace Dettenmayer, left, and granddaughter Roberta Renfrow.
Photo by Renn Stancil Hinton

Effie Irene Stancil was born Jan. 10, 1902 to George Ira Stancil and Eva Ann Mercer.

When Effie started at Woodard School, she used a slate. When Effie completed all the schooling available in Glendale, she decided to become a teacher.

Effie was like a second mother to her younger siblings. She was an expert seamstress and made Delanie's wedding outfit. Delanie found a picture of an outfit she liked and Effie cut out her own pattern and made it.

Effie also begin crocheting at a young age. She had a special talent when it came to needlework.

Effie married Robert Renfrow on Feb. 11, 1922, by a judge in Wilson County.

Robert and Effie had their first child Golda Grace on Sept. 16, 1924, while living in Wilson. The second daughter Eva Gray was born Sept. 14, 1927, but died very young on June 2, 1929. Viron Ralph was born June 23, 1930. James Robert Renfrow Jr. was born April 17, 1943.

After getting married, Effie worked as a seamstress at Moss' in Wilson. She learned how to make many difficult alterations.

Effie died on Aug. 9, 1988, in a nursing home in Virginia.

She was buried in Buckhorn beside Robert and Eva Gray.


Memories of Effie Stancil Renfrow

Written by Ralph Stancil on Aug. 16, 1988

In memory of my sister


Effie, the first of the 12 children (8 girls and 4 boys) born to George and Eva Stancil, saw the light of day on Jan. 21, 1908, and we celebrated our birthdays together as long as we could.


Effie, when she was old enough, was given the responsibility of caring for me while my mother worked in the house, yard, garden or in the fields as a farmer's wife. During these years, I loved Effie next to my mother. When too young to keep up, she and my older brother Emmette carried my on their backs, Indian style.


Effie was a good student and we younger siblings enjoyed hearing the stories she read from her school books. Two of our favorites were "A Visit from St. Nicholas" and the "Twelve Months."


The "Twelve Months" told of a little girl named Kate who was abused by her stepmother and she was forced to go into the forest in a snowstorm to gather berries for her stepsisters to eat. Deep in the woods, she saw a fire with twelve old men sitting in a circle about it. They were kind and friendly to Kate as she warmed by their fire. She told them of her mission. Old January gave his staff to June, and told him to go to his work. As June stirred the fire, the berries appeared and Kate filled her bucket and returned home.


When Kate told her stepsister how she came to get many beautiful berries so quickly, she was jealous. Against her mother's will, she went into the forest to pick better berries, vanished, never to return.


Effie was born with black hair and blue eyes. She had a sweet disposition. She was obedient to our parents and when they were away, she had the responsibility to we younger children.


Effie liked to sew and was the seamstress for the family. She enjoyed all needlework.


Our family attended church and Sunday school regularly, and Effie united with the church when she was a young teenager.


A farmer's wife, as our Mother was, Effie learned farm tasks peculiar to women in our area. She specialized in tying tobacco on the sticks and worked on the first tobacco harvester on the farm.


Effie smiled often and wore a pleasant expression on her face. She made friends easily and I never knew of an enemy. Effie was a kind, loving, caring and affectionate wife and mother to her children.


I never knew my Mother or Effie to lose their temper. God seemed ever very close to these two and truly His presence kept their lives as free from sin as is humanly possible in this world.





Renn Stancil Hinton

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