John Thomas Stancil & Delaney Catherine Sasser

John Thomas Stancil

Marriage Bond
John married Delaney in 1860. Thomas Stancel and John O. Raines jointly entered into a bond for the marriage of Tom and Delaney (John O. Raines' step-daughter).

Thomas Stancel and Delaney C. Sasser applied for the license on July 4, 1860, Johnston County, NC. They were married by Ray Phillips, Justice of the Peace on July 15, 1860. The bond was signed by Thomas D. Snead, Clerk.


John Thomas' cabin built in 1830s by Henry Sasser. All of Tom and Delaney's children were born there. Three children of George Ira Stancil were also born in the log cabin, including Lola Myrtle, Hilda Maie and George Ira Stancil Jr. It was located in Beulah Township in Johnston County.
Photo by Renn Stancil Hinton

"Tom" and Delaney Catherine Sasser, daughter of Henry Sasser and Martha Patsy Bagley, had gone to school together at Woodard School. They had been seeing each other for a while. No one was surprised when they married on Sunday, July 15, 1860. Tom and Delaney moved in with her Mother and stepfather, Oliver Raines.


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