Jerry Stancil stands with Renn Hinton after the new marker for Samuel Stancil's grave was installed at the Hales Cemetery off Shoeheel Road near Kenly, NC, on Friday, Sept. 25, 2009.
Jerry acquired the stone from Joyner's Memorial. Larry Joyner married a relative on the Tempy Ann Branch.

Samuel Stancil was the father of John Thomas Stancil, James Henry Stancil, Josiah Stancil and Jacob Stancil.

Samuel died in either July or August 1844. Jerry Stancil, of the Samuel Branch (John Thomas' son), has located the grave of Samuel Stancil (John Thomas' father) and the monument is set up.

Samuel was buried in what is now known as the Hales Cemetery on Shoeheel Road. If strings are stretched diagonally across the fenced cemetery, Samuel's grave is where they intersect. His grave is less than 20 feet away from wife Martha.

Jerry talked with Dean Joyner and Larry Joyner (Tempy Ann/Resley), owners of Joyner's Memorial of Wilson, N.C., about ordering a suitable marker. Jerry has collected donations by Pat Whitfield's family and the George Ralph Stancil family.

Jerry spent countless hours researching documents for the monument and making trips to Joyner's to insure accuracy. Ellen Jane Barnes Poston, of the Josiah Stancil branch, contributed needed facts about the Josiah Stancil family.

Jerry is an expert at locating unmarked graves having located a number for families of Civil War veterans. He also found five additional graves for adults at the Hales Cemetery.

Jerry also found two large tree cavities.

This is consistent with the story John Thomas told grandson Ralph regarding the location of Samuel's grave shortly before he died in 1922. Ralph was 14 at the time. Tom said, "The last time I saw my father's grave, a large pine tree was growing there."

Renn Stancil Hinton

The original drawing of the monument.











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