Elizabeth Stancil Wells
Elizabeth Stancil Wells was born Jan. 23, 1903, and died Jan. 31, 1969. She married Noyce Glenn Wells in 1928.

Elizabeth's children

Ruby Wells Parrish
Jan. 5, 1930 in Wilson, N.C.
-April 18, 2004 at Smithfield, NC

Henry Glenn Wells
Aug. 21, 1932-
Dec. 25 1994 at NC

Elizabeth Stancil inherited her Pa's musical ability. Henry had a piano and Elizabeth played by ear. When it was time to clean up the kitchen all the girls pitched in. The work went faster when Elizabeth entertained them with a variety of songs on the piano.

Elizabeth grew up sleeping with younger sisters Agnes and Ila. Elizabeth went huckleberry picking with Agnes and Ila. Frances baked delicious huckleberry pies.

Elizabeth was an excellent seamstress who shared her talent with the family. She fashioned dresses for her mother and sisters, often using the pretty cotton fabric, from the flour filled sacks. Millers found using flowered sacks increased their sales.

Frances preferred dark dresses with a tiny light print and Elizabeth made them.

Creola Creech spent several weeks each summer with Henry and Frances. Aunt Elizabeth made her sock baby dolls.

Elizabeth married Noyce Glenn Wells in 1928. Noyce was the son of Anna Wells. The spelling of his name in the Census varied. It was spelled Noise, Noyse, Noyce and Nois.

In the 1910 Census, Anna was divorced with two children and lived in Springhill Township of Wilson County, North Carolina. Noyce had an older sister Maoma born in 1904. Anna worked as a farm laborer and lived in a rented house with her children. In 1917, a son Lonnie, was born.

The Census Taker indicated that Anna could not read or write. According to the 1900 Census, she could read and write. Her 6-year-old daughter had not yet started to school. Noyce' mother Anna V. was born in December of 1886. She was the daughter of Charles W. and Mary Knight. Charles was born in April of 1853. Mary was born in July 1859. They married in 1881.

Mary had four children, three were living in 1900: Henry R., Heubert H. and Mary. Henry, Heubert, and Anna attended school. Charles' brother Noel, 49 years old was living with them. Charles was a successful farmer living in the Springhill Community of Wilson County. A black laborer, Charly Hinnant, born in April of 1879, was working for him. Neither Noel nor Charly could read and write. By 1920, Henry had a general store in Middlesex, North Carolina. Charley was the son of Peter H. and Mary Ann Knight. Peter married Mary Ann Horton on Jan. 11, 1841, in Wake County, North Carolina. The bondsman was Wilborn R. Knight. Peter was born in 1818. Mary was born in 1819.

Peter was a wealthy farmer with real estate worth $2000 and a personal estate worth almost $7000. Peter and Mary had eight children: Rufus born in 1842, Henry Haywood born in 1843, William Thomas born in 1846, Columbus born in 1849, Charles born in 1853, Josiah Burke born in 1857, and Mary born in 1868. In the 1850 Census Peter could not read or write but he had attended school for two months.

In the 1860 Census, Peter lived in Morrisville in Wake County. Rufus, Henry, Thomas and Columbus were attending school.

In the 1870 Peter lived in the White Oak Community of Wake County. Census Mary and sons William and Noel could not read or write. Charles and Josiah attended school. In the 1880 Census, Peter lived in the St. Matthew Community of Wake County. Thomas, Noel and Columbus were noted as not being able to read and write.

Charles was a carpenter. Other sons were farmers or laborers. Elizabeth was called Aunt Sissy and Samuel was called Uncle Sam by nieces and nephews. Her daughter, Ruby was only nine days younger, than her first cousin, Agnes's daughter, Frances Pope.

Ruby and Frances were best friends growing up.

The Great Depression hit in October of 1929. President Hoover told the Nation that the Depression would be over in 90 days and said, "Prosperity is just around the corner."

Farm income dropped by 50 percent. Breadlines begin appearing in cities. Money was scarce. Many lost their savings when banks closed. Poverty was everywhere and tenant farmers were especially hard hit.

Flue cured tobacco prices dropped from 20 cents per pound to 12 cents per pound in 1930. A tenant farmer could end up owing more money than he made on a tobacco crop. Hard times drove Elizabeth and Noyce decisions. Noyce was just 22 years old when he became a tenant farmer for Emmette Stancil. This was during the depression. Emmette was the son of George Ira Stancil, Elizabeth's uncle.

Elizabeth and Noyce moved into the house with Emmette and Dessie. Dessie sold milk and butter to earn extra money. Elizabeth did all the cooking and helped keep house. Dessie was glad to have the extra pair of hands. Emmette and Dessie had two children; Junior and Rose. Eventually Elizabeth moved her family into one of her Pa's tenant houses.

In the 1930 Census, Elizabeth and Noyce were living in Beulah Township of Johnston County. Noyce was working as a tenant farmer. He and Elizabeth had their first child, Ruby, the Census taker wrote down Rawley. Ruby was born Jan. 5, 1930. Noyce's brother Lonnie, was helping them farm. Elizabeth and Noyce had another child in 1932. Henry Glen was born Aug. 21, 1932.

Noyce, Elizabeth and Lonnie were educated and could read and write. Elizabeth and Noyce moved to Durham. There were more opportunities there. Ruby often drove to Durham to pick up Elizabeth for a visit. Elizabeth's favorite dog was "Boss," a pretty Boston terrier, who stayed inside. "Boss" was devoted to Elizabeth. Elizabeth loved to play Bingo. She was delighted, when granddaughters Linda and Kaye played with her.

When sister Lillian died on Dec. 13, 1965, Leonard and daughter Treva attended the funeral and spent the night with his sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth died unexpectedly on Jan. 31, 1969, at Duke Hospital in Durham. She was diagnosed with myocardial infraction that lasted only 20 minutes and with Cardio-Regulatory Arrest that lasted 10 minutes and caused her death. She died at 8:05 p.m. She was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Durham on Feb. 2, 1969.

Noyce died June 12, 1981. He was buried beside Elizabeth in Durham at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

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