Leafy Irene Stancil Edwards

Leafy Irene Stancil Edwards

Leafy Irene Stancil was born Dec. 11, 1909, and died Sept. 4, 1973. She married Levie John Edwards on Sept. 29, 1928.
Leafy's child
Willard Fernie "Bill" Edwards
Aug. 25, 1929 at NC
- Sep. 21, 1998 at NC

Bill Edwards
Family photo

Leafy Irene Stancil was born Dec. 11, 1909.

She married Levie John Edwards on Sept. 29, 1928. They had one son, Willard Fernie "Bill" Edwards. Bill was born Aug. 25, 1929.

Leafy grew up on a farm, but she didnít work in the fields. This was reserved for boys and the hired hands. Leafy and her younger sister Mozelle helped Minnie with housekeeping duties. Under Minnieís guidance Leafy was soon tatting, crocheting, quilting, and sewing. Leafy loved to do handwork.

Recitation was an important part of the school lessons. When Leafy was very young, she did a recitation at school about a girl stealing money to feed her brothers and sisters. This was a memorable selection and received much applause.

Leafy went to school in Kenly through the seventh grade. Then she lost interest in school and quit.

Josiah didnít like Levi at first, because his family didnít have much money. Levi John was the son of Charles Edwards and Ellen Balance. They married on Dec. 10, 1899, in Johnston County. Charlieís first job was as a railroad laborer. By 1910 he had purchased a farm in East Beulah and had one hired hand, Jasper Howell. He and Ellen had three children: Ina, Leland, and Levi John.

Leafy 18 married Levi Edwards 24 on Sept. 29, 1928, in Johnston County. Rev. James Daniel married them. Witnesses were Randolph Langly, Nancy Daniel, Isabell Daniel.

They began farming for Leviís Pa. Leafy, who had never worked in the fields before, found her self working side by side with Levi to make a living. Leafy was a good farm hand. This did not make her Pa happy as he raised his daughters to do housework.

Leafy and Leviís son: Willard Fernie ĎBillí was born on Aug. 25, 1929. Over the years Leafy lost two children: a son born July 22, 1934 and a daughter born May 16, 1935.

Leafy let Bill cut his teeth on his grandpa, Josiahís gold watch, a family heirloom. Bill grew up working on the farm and attending school in Nahunta where he graduated.

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