Military history

Stancil Family military history

Many members of the Stancil family dedicated their lives in the different branches of the United States military. This page will highlight some of those.

If you know of a family member who served, please send an email to so we can let others know.

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Sections for military participation between the "major" wars has been added.


Photos needed

We are in need of photos of the following people:

  • Garland Willard Brinson,
  • Bardin Jefferson "B. J." Bunn Jr.,
  • Earney Whitehurst Cayton,
  • Needom Ralph Creech,
  • "Tom" Eldred Francis Deans,
  • Eric Warren Dennison,
  • Duke Nelson Hales,
  • Fletcher Blythe Hales,
  • Floyd Everette Hales,
  • Leon Daughtridge Hales,
  • Winifred Hill Hales,
  • James George Hill,
  • John Fletcher Hill,
  • John Frederick Hill,
  • Ward "Jack" Jackson Laughlinghouse,
  • Jarvis "Ras" Godfrey Hill,
  • Jimmie Robert Price,
  • William Godwin Price,
  • James Robert Renfrow,
  • Thomas Haywood Sasser,
  • Harold Stancil,
  • Jacob Stancil,
  • James Henry Stancil,
  • Josiah Stancil,
  • Paul Edwin Stancil,
  • William Arthur Stancil Jr.,
  • William "Bill" Hubert Stancil,
  • William Carl Stancil,
  • Joanne Sweetland