Military history


Leumos Waverly Stancil
Born March 5, 1895 Wayne County, NC
Died Jan. 5, 1961; Buried at Chattanooga National Cemetery
Served from 1917-1919 as wagoner in France and drove a truck on the front lines for ammunition. Earned a purple heart.

Son of Josiah Stancil

William 'Bill' Hubert Stancil
Born March 20, 1903
Died Oct. 3, 1980 San Diego, Calif.
Served about 1920. Spent time in Pensacola, Fla., was an aircraft mechanic and assigned to the USS Lexington, the first aircraft carrier.

Son of Josiah Stancil and Minnie Sasser.


Herbert 'Herb' Andrew Stancil
Born March 13, 1905
Died April 7, 1972 Texas
Joined about 1922, learned to fly in Pensacola

Son of Josiah Stancil and Minnie Sasser.

Randolph Moore
Born Oct. 30, 1916 Pender County, NC
Died Dec. 18, 2009 Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; Buried at Pineview Cemetery, Rocky Mount, NC
Served from 1936 to 1937 as a private. Randolph Moore was a radio operator for one year at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va. Fort Monroe named in honor of U.S. President James Monroe.

Husband of Norma Stancil Moore, daughter of Delanie, daughter of George Ira

James Walter Sweesy Air Force
Born Nov. 9, 1920
Died Aug. 7, 1971 Goldsboro, NC; Buried at Arlington National Cemetery
In Air Force from 1937 to 1968.
Enlisted for war Jan. 31, 1946, in Pittsburgh.
Served in World War II, Korea (Okinawa), Vietnam
(Saigon); was Lt. Colonel, 1st Lt. Was married to
Rose when entered World War II. Had a 30-year Air Force career.

Married to Rose Marie Stancil, daughter of Thomas Emmette Stancil, granddaughter of George Ira Stancil

James Orville Stancil Marine Corps
Born Oct. 10, 1921

Served starting June 3, 1940, Parris Island, SC
October 1940, sent to Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, Rhode Island.

Son of Mamie Hocutt and Oscar Stancil, grandson of Henry Stancil

More on James Orville Stancil

Henry Rudolph Stancil
Born Sept. 17, 1924
Died Dec. 4, 1993 Clifton Forge, Va.
Sent to Rhode Island at the same time his brother James Orville was there with the Marines.
He was stationed aboard a PT boat in the Pacific

Son of Oscar Stancil and Mamie Hocutt, grandson of Henry Stancil.

John Frederick Hill
National Guard
Born May 20, 1922

Enlisted Sept. 16, 1940, at Smithfield, NC. He was in the Field Artillery Unit, a member of the National Guard, completed three years of high school. His civilian Occupation: Foreman, laundry or Bookkeeping, Machine Operator

Son of John Fletcher Hill and Bertha Sasser, grandson of Tempy Ann Stancil.

George Guy Stancil
Born Oct. 23, 1911 Johnston County, NC
Died Feb. 25, 1986 Honolulu, Hawaii
Enlisted Oct. 15, 1940, and was sent to Hawaii. He fell in love with Frances Louis DeMella, they married and he was released from the Army and stayed in Hawaii.

Son of Oscar Stancil, grandson of Henry.

George Ira Stancil Jr.
U.S. Navy
Born Nov. 6, 1920 Beulah Township, Johnston County, NC
Died Feb. 8, 1995 Kenly, NC
Served from Dec. 10, 1940 to 1963

Son of George Ira Stancil

William Carl Stancil
Born Sept. 9, 1915
Died Dec. 14, 1979 Fayetteville, NC
Enlisted Feb. 3, 1941, at Camp Patrick Henry in Newport News, Va. Carl suffered shrapnel wound in the Battle of Anzio beachhead in Italy that lasted from Jan. 23 to May 25, 1944. He returned to the states.

Son of Harvey Stancil

Harold Lloyd Stancil
U.S. Navy
Born May 7, 1924 Johnston County, NC
Died Oct. 13, 1944 USS Franklin, South Pacific
Served from May 1941 to Oct. 13, 1944. Died in South Pacific and has a monument at Fort William McKinley, Manila, The Philippines

Son of George Ira Stancil

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 Ed Wallace

Henry 'Ed' Edward Wallace
Air Force
Born June 17, 1920 Philadelphia, Pa.

Joined May 13, 1941, at Fort Bragg, NC. Ed was trained to be a bomber pilot. He was shot down in 1943 during bombing raids over Germany. Ed taken as a prisoner of War. He was released in 1945 after 14 months and the when the Allied Forces were victorious.

Husband of Irene Pittman, daughter of Gertrude Stancil, granddaughter of Harvey Stancil.