Ronia Hill
Ronia Hill 1902
Ronia Hill was born Sept. 2, 1891 and died Aug. 25, 1956
Ronia's children

Ora H. Stancil
Jan. 22, 1912-May 2, 2003 Kenly, NC

Willard 'Bill' Stancil
Sept. 13, 1914-Nov. 5, 1983
Eula Mae Stancil
July 5, 1918-Dec. 25, 2006
Mozell Stancil
Dec. 1, 1920-Sept. 1, 1975 Middlesex, NC
Alice Stancil
June 12, 1921-
C.D. Stancil
Sept. 20, 1933-Dec. 20, 1963
Shirley Ann Stancil
Aug. 2, 1936-

Ronia Hill was born Sept. 2, 1891.

She was the second child and second daughter of Tempy Ann and Fred Hill.

Ronia went to school in the Slave House at the Boyette Homestead.

Ronia registered as a Republican when women got to vote.

Ronia made quilts, She used flour sacks to make quilts and dresses for the children. She had a big garden. Made butter and gave it to the neighbors. Chicken ran loose. Kept cats in the house and had a cat hole in the corner of the door for them. Had an outhouse with two holes with a pit dug underneath it.

Carried a lantern when they used it at night. Made clothes for the children. Had a singer treadle sewing machine. Made biscuits 3 times per day. Ronia read the Bible. Knitted stockings for the children. Christmas was celebrated with the children hanging their stockings and receiving fruit, nuts, and stick candy in the stockings on Christmas morning. Ronia made a cake with gum balls for the Reunions.

Stephen built the outhouse. Stephen and Ronia had hog killings in the fall and Ronia fed everyone. They also had barn raisings with the noon meal cooked by Ronia.

Stephen made syrup for folk in the neighborhood. They brought over their sugar cane to his mill. His children enjoyed eating the crystallized syrup. Fifty gallons of syrup would last all year. Stephen did not make whiskey or wine. Stephen had brown eyes and black hair.

He grayed early. Stephen was a farmer. He raised tobacco, corn, cotton, sugar cane. Two or three neighbors worked together to gather the tobacco. Everyone returned to their own homes for lunch.

He had cows, hogs, chickens and mules. Mules named Mollie, she was brown and Gray, a gray mule. The children rode them. Drove a mule and buggy to town. He went to school. He was a Republican. He never read much. They took the Smithfield Herald weekly newspaper.

Died of a stroke, funeral at New Jerusalem Church. He was buried at the Church Cemetery. Ronia and C. D. Buried there too. C.D.'s funeral at New Jerusalem Church. Delia's funeral was at home. When Ronia died she had no gray hair.

Stephen and Ronia had a Family Bible. Ronia wrote the names of the children in it.

Daughter Ora went to Moore School House for six years. Ora did most of the cooking. She also milked the cow. She recalls helping her mother make an apple cake. Ronia had the recipe in her head, never wrote it down. Ora helped with the plowing at home and helped the neighbors with tobacco.

Met husband, F. Price in the neighborhood. They married in Smithfield on May 6, 1931. Ora wore a short blue dress with long sleeves. She had on a lavender hat.

She received a wedding ring set about 1940. Family at the wedding included Esker Price, Joe Crockrell and Austin Price. Driven to the wedding by an uncle in a Model T Car.

Ronia and Stephen gave Ora a table, bed, and feather mattress as wedding presents. Ora and F. lived with F's mother. They'd go over to Ronia and Stephen's to farm. Later F. worked for the State of North Carolina. Ora made quilts and had a quilt that Ronia made.

Ora and husband both Republicans.

Ronia sick a lot. Ronia had a stroke at home she had been in the Woodard Heron Hospital in Wildon. Coffin was bought, funeral preached at home, burial in Hill Cemetery. later moved to New Jerusalem Church Cemetery.

Willard enjoyed hunting fox, possum and raccoons. He kept dogs. He often hunted and fished alone.

Zilphia, Millard's wife made a special coconut cake for the Reunions.

Pearl had black hair.

Eula had Ronia's sewing machine.

Mozell buried at Antioch Baptist Church in Middlesex, N.C. 2010
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