Tempy Ann Stancil

Tempy Ann Stancil Hill 1902
Tempy Ann Stancil Hill 1902
Tempy Ann Stancil Hill was born April 10, 1868

Tempy Ann's children

Delia Hill
Sept. 1, 1890-Sept. 10, 1969
Ronia Hill
Sept. 2, 1891-Aug. 25, 1956
John Fletcher Hill
Aug. 23, 1893-Oct. 29, 1932
Millard Lee Hill
Dec. 27, 1894-Sept. 16, 1956
William Moses Hill
Feb. 23, 1896-Nov. 3, 1977
Delphia Pearl Hill
Nov. 1, 1898-April 1, 1985
James Clarence Hill
March 23, 1900-Dec. 17, 1971
George Preston Hill
Dec. 23, 1902-June 11, 1935
Edgar Resley Hill
Aug. 12, 1903-Aug. 22, 1975
Floyd 'Jack' Jackson Hill
Oct. 15, 1905-July 7, 1988
Tonie Hill
Nov. 23, 1907-Sept. 11, 1990

Tempy Ann Stancil was born April 10, 1868. She married Fred Hill.

Tempy Ann was the fourth child and oldest daughter of John Thomas and Delaney Cathern Sasser Stancil.

Tempy Ann and her brother Harvey were said to favor. She completed grammar school at the Woodard School, as did her sisters Arnettie and Catherine. School was only four months per year: November, December, January and February. The school year did not interfere with planting, growing and harvesting crops.

Tempy Ann worked in the fields with her mother and sisters. They chopped and picked cotton.

The pulled corn fodder, picked ears of corn, cut the stacks of corn for winter feed. They helped barn and grade tobacco. Delaney taught Tempy Ann homemaking skills. She learned to spin thread, knit, quilt and sew.

Tempy Ann joined Holly Springs Free Will Baptist Church.

Tempy Ann dated Morris Godwin who lived across the swamp from her for a while, but romance didn't blossom for her until she met Fred Hill.

John Thomas did not like Fred Hill and cussed him out on at least one occasion.

Once, Tom had a corn shucking. This was a work event that was attended by family and friends. All the workers enjoyed the delicious meal and fellowship. Tempy Ann's brother "Joe" (Josiah) was up at the house and saw Fred there. Joe went to the barn and told his Pa that Fred was up at the house courting Tempy Ann. Fred quickly left, but not before Tom cussed him.

Fred Hill was from Smithfield. He completed grammar school according to census records. He had a reputation as a drinker and whiskey maker. Fred worked for Ben Woodard. Ben had a large tract of land he farmed and years earlier had donated the land for the Woodard School. John Thomas and Delaney had both attended that school.

Fred and Tempy Ann continued to meet on the sly and decided to get married. Alvin Raines helped Tempy Ann and Fred Hill elope (Alvin Raines was half brother to Delaney Sasser Stancil and was Tempy Ann's Uncle). Alvin and Tempy Ann decided that a whistle would be her signal to slip out of the house to meet Alvin and Fred. Alvin picked up Tempy Ann at midnight and took her and Fred Hill to Smithfield. Justice of the Peace B. Godwin married them in his office on Nov. 27, 1889. The Johnston County Marriage Registry listed them as F. A. Hill 23 and Tempy A. Stancil 21.

Delaney Sasser Stancil had a quilting party soon after Tempy Ann was married and invited her, she came without Fred. John Thomas Stancil asked his daughter, "Where is Fred?"

Tempy replied, "I knew you would not want him here."

Her Pa remarked, "Well you married him, so he can come."

Tempy Ann was given land by her father.

The house that Fred Hill built for his family.
Photo by Renn Stancil Hinton
It joined up with the Hill farm. She was also given a cow.

Fred built a wooden board house on Tempy Ann's land. It joined his land. There was a chimney at both ends, a hallway down the center. A kitchen was built on the back. There were both back and front porches stocked with rocking chairs.

Fred kept a number of mules and horses. Harvey raised several mules. Fred sold a black and white mare to his brother-in-law, Harvey. This mare was the mother of "Zeb," a spotted mule. Harvey sold "Zeb" to his brother George for $100.

Tempy Ann knitted stockings and sewed clothes for her children. She taught her daughters to knit, sew and quilt.

Tempy Ann and Fred's first child died, it was unnamed and the sex isn't known.

Tempy Ann and Fred had 11 living children. Delia, the oldest was born on Sept. 1, 1890, Ronia was born Sept. 2, 1891, John Fletcher was born Aug. 23, 1893, or May 30, 1894, Millard Lee was born in Dec. 27, 1894 or 1895, William Moses was born Feb. 23, 1896, Delphia Pearl was born Nov. 1, 1898, James Clarence was born March 23, 1900, George Preston was born Dec. 23, 1902, Resley H. was born in 1903, Floyd Jackson "Jack" was born Oct. 15, 1905, Tony was born Nov. 23, 1907.
Fred Hill barn.
Photo by Renn Stancil Hinton

Delaney delivered most of Tempy's children including the last one when both mother and child died.

Once when the children complained about the singing of the Mockingbird, Fred told his children, "Don't you bother the Mockingbird, it's my bird."

Fred Hill was a member of the Masonic Order and a Republican.

Fred had an anvil that he received from his brother Jethro. It was sold at his sale along with a syrup kettle.

Tempy Ann died in childbirth on Aug 16, 1909. She and the child were buried together in the Hill Family Cemetery.

Ages of Tempy Ann's children at her death








William Moses 13
Delphia Pearl 11
James Clarence 9




Floyd Jack




Changing names of children
Names of the Children of Tempy Ann Stancil
and Fred Hill in the census reports

1900 1910 1920 1930
Nella M.Roni A.RoneyRonie
John F.Fletcher JJ FJohn F
Delpha PPearl DPearlPearl
EdwinClarence JClearnceClarence
Resley H
Floyd J

Tempy Ann died in childbirth on August 16, 1909. Delia, 19 and Ronia, 18, looked after Fletcher 17, Millard 16, Moses 13, Delphia Pearl 10, Clarence 9, Preston 8, Resley 6, Jack 3 and Tony 20 months.

Tempy Ann or Tempie Ann?

Family Bible Tempieand
1870 U.S. Census Tempy A.
1880 U.S. Census Tempy A.
Nov. 27, 1889 Tempie H. Stancil married F.A. Hill
1900 U.S. Census Tempyan
Tombstone Tempy A.

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