Herbert Andrew Stancil
Herbert Andrew Stancil
Herbert Andrew Stancil was born March 13, 1905, and died April 5, 1972.
Herbert's children
Patricia Ann Stancil Reed Bowes
March 9, 1927, at Florida-
Oct. 6, 1995 at Mass.

Beverly Joyce Stancil Wing
Sept. 18, 1931, at Alameda, Calif.,-April 15, 2004, at Pa.

Barbara Marie Stancil Matheson Bradley
Aug. 18, 1934-Oct. 6, 1995 at Hunt, Texas

Linda Parker Stancil

Ronald 'Ronnie' Glenn Stancil
Dec. 4, 1959, at Potter, Texas-

Pat, Lil, Beverly, Herbert and Barbara in 1932
Family photo

Herbert Andrew Stancil was born March 13, 1905.

Nicknamed "Hub" or "Herb" grew up working on the farm. He was the youngest of four sons and older brother of two sisters Leafy and Mozelle. Tobacco was the main money crop. Hub never liked the confinement of school. He quit school.

Hub joined Navy about 1922. He graduated from flight school in Pensacola, Fla. It was here that he met Lil.

Herb received an honorable discharge. He went to work for Western Air Express. Western Air Express was founded on July 13, 1925. Daughter Patricia Ann was born March 9, 1927.

Western Air Express merged with Transcontinental Air Transport in 1930 and became Transcontinental and Western Air (T & WA). Beverly Joyce was born on Sept. 18, 1931, in Alameda County, Calif. Barbara Marie was born Aug. 18, 1934, while Herb was working at the Winslow, Ariz., airport.

Ralph and Ethel met Hub, Lil and children for a photo opportunity at the Gorman Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California in the summer of 1935.

Tragedy struck the family when Herb’s older brother Harry Lester Stancil Sr., step-son Chuck and friend, went missing on Nov. 11, 1935, while fishing off the rocks in San Francisco Bay. Bodies were never recovered. His grief stricken widow Laura was also pregnant. Family members stepped up to help out.

In the summer of 1936, Herb's nephew, Harry Lester Jr., went to live with Herbert and Lil in Arizona.
Ethel Hales Stancil, Harry Lester, Barbara (seated), Beverly, Herb, Lil and Patricia in December 1936
Family photo

In January of 1937, Ralph and Ethel Stancil, stopped by Winslow, Ariz., and visited Herb and family on their way to Florida. Harry was still living with them. Following the visit, Ralph and Ethel boarded the Greyhound bus for Marion County, Florida. Ethel’s father had died in the 1936 and her mother was having it tough. In reality so was Ralph’s mother. His father died in the fall of 1935.

By mid-1940, Herbert and Lil had separated. Lil went back home to Massachusetts. They divorced.

Herbert met and married Beulah "Billie" M. Garnett Parker in 1952. Herb adopted her daughter Linda, born in 1943 who was 9 years old. Herbert began climbing the corporate ladder at TWA.

In February of 1954, Hub was transferred to Denver, Colo. Hub was district sales manager for TWA.

Laura, Harry’s widow, visited Hub on her way to visit family, including Ralph and Ethel Stancil in Ocala, Florida. She expected to be in Florida by May. Laura took the train from Denver to Detroit and then planned to rent a car.

In 1959, Hub moved to 5511 Brinkman in Amarillo. He and Billie were active members of the St. Luke's Presbyterian Church. Hub was elected as an elder.

In August of 1960, Ralph, Ethel, Renn, Hale, Harold and Mamie (Ralph’s sister) visited Herb and Billie in Amarillo, Texas. Billie’s daughter Linda was there with her baby, Ronald "Ronnie" Glenn born Dec. 4, 1959. Herb and Billie adopted Ronnie and raised him.
Delaney Catherine's Stancil Tapestry
Photo by Renn Stancil Hinton

Herbert was an executive with TWA. He showed them the tapestry woven by their grandma Delaney Catherine Sasser Stancil in 1858.

The tapestry was given to his son Herbert Andrew. Herbert kept it safe, passing it down to his daughter Barbara. His three daughters, Pat, Beverly and Barbara agreed to give it to Leafy's son Bill. Bill died on Sept. 21, 1998, six days before the Stancil Reunion. The tapestry was presented to the Tobacco Farm Life Museum in Kenly, NC.

In August of 1967 Renn spent the night with Herbert and Billie on her way to teach school in Phoenix. Hub took her to his downtown office for a tour.

When Herb retired in 1967 from TWA, he was the district sales manager. He had worked for them for over 37 years. He worked his way up from airline mechanic to executive.

Herb, Billie and Ronnie frequently visited Bill in San Diego. Bill owned a nursery at one time and had beautifully landscaped gardens behind his home. Ronnie was an active curious boy and loved to spent time exploring the gardens and searching out insects and lizards.

Herb made several trips back home to the Reunion. He attended in 1961,1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968 and 1970. Ronnie was there in 1964. 1965, 1968 and 1970.

Herb joined the Masons as did his brother Bill plus many cousins. He was a member of the Scottish Rite Consistory in Wichita, Kansas and a member of the Khiva Temple of the Shrine.

Herbert died of a heart attack on April 5, 1972, in Amarillo at home. He was just 67 years old.

At the time of Herb’s death, step daughter, Linda Lyon lived in Oklahoma City. Daughter Pat Reed was in Canyon, Texas. Barbara Bradley lived in Perryton, Texas, and Beverly Bradley lived in New Wilmington. His brother Bill lived in San Diego, sister Leafy lived in Kenly, NC, and sister Mozelle lived in Newport News, Va.

Billie and Ronnie began life without Herb. Ronnie graduated from high school.

At John Thomas' sale in 1923, Herbert's father Josiah bought Tom and Delaney's 12 stools and the purple, brown and white tapestry hand loomed by his mother when she was 16 and the clock John Thomas gave his bride Delaney.

Herbert worked for TWA and Minnie and Josiah flew free to California when they both visited in 1935. Herbert was a district manager for TWA in Amarillo. He retired in 1967.

Herb was an elder at St. Luke's Presbyterian Church in Amarillo. 
Ralph Stancil and Herbert Stancil in 1932.
Family photo
Ralph Stancil and Herbert Stancil in 1960.
Family photo


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