John Archer Stancil
John Archer Stancil 1902
John Archer was born Aug. 6, 1871
John's children
With Pinetta Edwards

William ‘Big Man’ Stancil
1896-before 1910
William Arthur Stancil
Dec. 16, 1898-March 12, 1956
Sarah Alice Stancil
Feb. 26, 1899-April 23, 1988
John Millard Stancil
Dec. 1, 1902-Sept. 4, 1988
Mary Delanie Stancil
April 18, 1904-April 18, 1904
Martha Hawkins Stancil
April 18, 1904-Aug. 10, 1992
Beaman ‘Buddy’
Lawton Stancil

Dec. 10, 1905-March 1969
Kermit Stancil
June 19, 1910-Oct. 26, 1973
George Liston Stancil
1915-Sept. 18, 1916
Carletta Stancil
Aug. 9, 1916-Aug. 3, 2007

John Archer Stancil was born Aug. 6, 1871.

John Archer was the fifth child and fourth son of John Thomas and Delaney Catherine Sasser Stancil. John had black hair and blue eyes and was about 6 feet tall. He was born Aug. 6, 1871.

John Thomas Stancil

John started school in the Slave house on the Larkin Boyette Plantation. Originally, the Boyette School had been a house where slaves lived on the Boyette Plantation. After the Civil War, it was transformed into a school. This was one of the few "graded schools" in the area.

It met state-established education requirements.

The schoolhouse had a stick and mud chimney. In cold weather, when a fire was needed, close watch was required, as stick chimneys were prone to catching fire. School was four months per year, November, December, January and February. School in the winter months did not interfere with children helping out on the farms. Their labor was necessary to produce enough food for the family and to have crops to sell.

John's other younger siblings attended the Woodard School, which was closer. The reason only John was selected for this graded school remains a mystery.

In later years, Tempy Ann and Fred Hill's children, Delia and Ronia, also attended the Boyette School. The Boyette School had the reputation of being more advanced than the Woodard School. Fred and Tempy Ann lived closer to this school.

John and his brothers all learned to swim. On at least one occasion his pa made a trip to the ocean in Wilmington, N.C., taking some of his sons. None of the daughters ever had an opportunity, because of the required modesty of that time.

Harvey was two years older than George. They got into many arguments over the years. Older brother, John Archer, grew tired of their squabbling; he began having them settle their differences with a wrestling contest. Both boys were close to the same size.

It soon became apparent that George was stronger and would always manage to pin Harvey.

John was musical and played the banjo.

He was called "John Archie" by his sister-in-law Minnie Sasser Stancil, wife of his brother Josiah. John often introduced himself as "John Archie Stancil." 

Pinetta Edwards was pretty, with fine features and porcelain skin. John married Pinetta Edwards on Feb. 3, 1895.


This is how their marriage is listed in official records.

License issued Jan. 24, 1895.


W STANCELL, John A(22) Pinetta Edwards(18) 3Feb1895 Joshua Edwards

J. T. & Delana Stancell Joshua & Hawkins Edwards L. H. Boykin, JP


Witnesses: A. E. Boykin, Ashley Boykin, Alvin Stancil

Pinetta or Pinettie?

When she married, name listed as Pinetta Edwards.
In the 1900 Census she was listed as Pinetta
In the 1910 Census she was listed as Nettie
In the 1930 Census she was listed as Pinettie
In John's Will, he listed his wife as Pinettie

In 1950, Pinetta told granddaughter Sandy her name was Pinetta, not Pinettie
In her obituary it was Pinetta
On her tombstone it is Pinettie
In Beaman's obituary it was Pinettie
In Kermit's obituary it was Bettie
In Carletta's obituary it was Pinetta

Based on public information, oral history, and memories of Margaret Stancil Sellers, Carletta Stancil Sawyer, Ralph Stancil and other family members. — Renn Stancil Hinton © 2022
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